Kephart Fisher LLC traces its origins back to the Fall of 1986 when two lawyers, Roger Kephart and David Fisher, decided they wanted to change the way they practiced law.

Kephart was a senior partner in a major midwestern law firm and Fisher a young associate at that firm. They both had become frustrated with the bureaucracy, billing systems, seniority based compensation systems and overall philosophy of the large law firm model. They were convinced that by targeting specific limited practice areas and cultivating deep client relationships in those practice areas, they could create a different, more successful and more personally rewarding model for the practice of law.

Although there was a slight detour in the late 1980’s when they were lured back to one of the largest law firms in the country at the time due to their lucrative practice areas, client list and profitability, they soon realized that their practice model and philosophy were incompatible with the principles, management structure, compensation model and client relationship structure of large law firms. As a result, they “demerged” in the early 1990’s and returned to the practice model they had originally created and that practice model continues to this day.

To understand more about the Firm’s practice model, practice areas and billing system, please refer to Practice Areas and Our Philosophy for more information.

Roger Kephart retired from the active practice of law in 2003 and moved to Bonita Springs, Florida. He still consults with the Firm on an as needed basis.