Our motto is “Selling Solutions Not Time®”. We do not perform legal services using a traditional hourly rate format because we do not think assigning a flat hourly rate to each task is appropriate. Some matters require a higher level of training and expertise and others are more routine or require less skill and ability. We do not think clients should pay a rate for legal services that is in excess of the required skill set for the matter at hand. Additionally, we do not charge for involvement by more than one lawyer on the same task. Clients should not pay to “train” or provide “backup” for our lawyers. So, for example, if more than one lawyer from Kephart Fisher attends a meeting, we only charge for the efforts of one lawyer. At all times, we strive to have legal services performed in the most efficient and cost effective manner by having work performed by our paralegal staff with appropriate oversight by lawyers. Finally, we do not charge for incidental work performed such as routine correspondence, email and brief telephone conversations. We expect to be compensated only for substantive legal work performed on behalf of our clients. We want clients to feel comfortable calling us or emailing us with questions or advice without fear of receiving a bill for incidental questions or advice.

Our compensation for legal services is based on our internal value assignments for all work performed. Before any statement is presented to a client, it is reviewed and analyzed to determine the work performed and the value assigned for that work. All statements will set forth full detail for the substantive work performed. Clients are expected to reimburse us for third party fees and costs expended on their behalf, such as government filing fees, and for photocopying, duplication and delivery charges. However, Clients are not billed for items such as travel in and around Central Ohio, long distance telephone calls (except multi-party conference calls arranged through our office), computer charges or other incidental expenses. We consider such items a cost of doing business.

While our approach to compensation for legal services is unique, we have been rendering legal services on this basis for over 25 years and have never had a fee dispute with a client. We believe communication is the key to a good attorney client relationship and this includes communication about compensation. If we think our bill for a matter is getting to a point where it needs to be discussed with a client, we will call. Likewise, if a client receives a bill from us that it does not think is fair or appropriate, we want to discuss it. Our goal is that our clients are satisfied not only with our work but also with our fees.