Every matter or transaction in which Kephart Fisher is involved is assigned to a Team of professionals that includes at least one lawyer, one paralegal and various support staff. This does not mean that you are billed for the efforts of all these people (see “OUR COMPENSATION PHILOSOPHY”), but it does mean that you have access throughout the engagement to not just one person knowledgeable about the matter, but to the entire Team. We think this Team approach is important, given the length of time involved in many of our transactions, the complexity of such transactions and the various legal disciplines often involved.

It is our goal that our entire Team is there 24/7 to provide the highest quality legal services to you. While we cannot guarantee the outcome of our efforts on behalf of our clients, we can assure them that we will at all times extend our best efforts and employ all our resources to obtain their desired goals.

Another important component of how we work is our strong commitment to assist our clients in opportunities that may be of interest to them that we become aware of, even if it means that we have a conflict and cannot be involved in the transaction. We believe we owe it to our clients to advise them of such opportunities in a highly competitive business environment.